Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Spy Tools

5 Super Affiliate Spy Tools in 2023 - 1. Adspy 2. PowerAdSpy 3.AdBeat 4. SocialPeta 5. Anstrex for monitoring ad creatives.

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Spy Tools

Affiliate Marketing Spy Tools

Affiliate marketing can be described as a fresh approach to the traditional concept of choosing a merchandise or service and recommending it to blog readers and generating a percentage of the revenue from every sale.

Many people are wondering whether Affiliate marketing by 2023 is going to generate income The answer is yes. In the month of October, 2022, Entrepreneurs on Fire earned $66,537 through affiliates. In 2023, affiliates are still a viable way of marketing, but to earn more money it is important to choose the best affiliate networks for our needs.

The best method to select the affiliate programs that for you is to utilize affiliate marketing spy tools. software for spying on affiliates to find the affiliate networks utilized by your rivals. Through monitoring competitor's methods of affiliate marketing strategies, you'll be able to quickly get a better understanding of the marketplace and gain benefits from your marketing campaign.

1. AdSpy

AdSpy is an effective advertising intelligence platform you can use to identify and analyze rival campaigns within your area of expertise.

It has more than 80 million advertisements in 88 languages in 198 countries, from more than 13 million advertisers, which makes it an extremely powerful database.

Additionally, it comes with fantastic search filters, which enable you to focus your campaigns on competitors with incredible preciseness.

Make use of it to search for Facebook and Instagram ads , and then apply advanced filters to your search to locate the ad's text, comments and the URL of the landing page as well as ad types as well as daily likes, and more.

We love it: The tool works fantastic for affiliates since it lets you search for affiliate networks, along with an affiliate identity or even offer identification. It also allows you to easily observe the sales funnels of your competitors.

What we don't love: While the features of this platform are well-thought out but it's not equipped with the most advanced features of other tools listed on this list, however, the more advanced results in search and the user-friendliness more than make up the lack of features.

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2. PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy can be described as a a social ads spy tool which provides you with a thorough analysis of every creative as well as the web page address, date it was last seen, engagement on social media and the options for targeting.

This tool isn't just effective for Facebook Ads , but can also be used to monitor:

  • Google Ads
  • YouTube
  • Google Display
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Instagram
  • Native Ads

It's an excellent resource for any marketer that is looking to go beyond advertising copy and creative.

You can search for ads using keywords, domains and advertisers and sort the results by the latest advertising, longest-running and the number of social engagements in addition to a options for targeting and landing page property types, and many more.

What we like: The filters are very useful in refining the search parameters to determine the most relevant results for your marketing campaign. This makes analyzing and finding sales funnels very easy. Also, we love the call-to action filter, which provides an excellent insight into the is being asked of advertisers' users.

What we don't like: The free version is limited in its usage.

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3. AdBeat

AdBeat provides information for four types of devices from 120 advertising networks in 20 countries.AdBeat find the top publishers among competitors advertising copy, ad copy, as well as login pages.

With Adbeat it is possible to observe trends that aren't evident otherwise. You can easily see when advertisers increase spending on publishers and affiliate networks. If you're an advertising network you'll appreciate the way Adbeat will show advertisements when rival networks add powerful publishers to their product.

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4. SocialPeta

SocialPeta offers an enormous database of advertisements that currently have more than 200 million+ creatives in various industries, which includes gaming Apps, Non-Gaming Apps, Web (eCommerce and Brands) countries, and advertising networks.

Additionally, there are over 100,000 ads that play, which can will help you discover the most popular ideas in a matter of seconds.

There are some amazing ad intelligence statistics, such as revenues and downloads between 60 and 60 days, along with data on regional regions for each country.

We love: Analysis of brands is simple using SocialPeta and allows you to find top brands and examine their impact on different social networks. There's even analyses of app stores for more than 500 000 apps, and the most popular keywords as well as bidding statistics for campaigns.

We don't love: SocialPeta is great for tracking applications and excels in gaming-related content, but there could be better options to give you a broad view of all your subject areas.

5. Anstrex

Anstrex is an advertising tool that is native to the spy market. Anstrex includes data from over 50 affiliate networks, and seventeen million advertisements from over 90 GEO websites. Filtering options include affiliate network country platform and language. It also includes categories, language (local only) tracker and sorter.

Anstrex allows you to instantly preview your landing pages. It can provide the details of the ad network you are using. You can also sort ads by various parameters, including (Alexa rankings, the number of days of run as well as ad intensity or gravity).

It works on both desktop and mobile platforms. It allows you to analyze local ads from various categories, countries, and even languages.

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